A New Road to Recruit Candidates During COVID-19



Covid-19 has changed the way industries are doing business. With lockdowns, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders, recruiters have to refine the procedures for interacting with candidates. In countries that have eased restrictions, companies have started to hire, while industries in health care, food, pharmacy retail, and the supply chain have continued increasing their workforce. Navigating through the hiring process is a challenge during these times.

Here is a list of methods you can adopt to select the best candidate during covid-19.


Digital Hire

Once you have selected the candidates, the next step as a recruiter is the interview. With social distancing measures still in place, it is time to invest in technology-oriented recruitment solutions.
You can use these methods well beyond the pandemic. For larger companies, they can use video software that enables end-to-end assessments such as chatbot engagement, online assessments, automated scheduling, and video interviews. Smaller companies can use Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts to conduct interviews.

During a video interview, make sure you specify the process to the candidate.
Include all essential information in an email, such as time, date, and who will call whom.
Provide a link to the video meeting beforehand.
Make sure the candidate has confirmed to attend the interview.
Inform them about the job position, whether it is permanent or temporarily remote.


Finding the right candidate

During the interview, it is necessary to ask the right questions to find a candidate who can work from home or the office. Some companies may continue Work From Home (WFH) even past the pandemic. For example, Google and its parent company, Alphabet, will allow its representatives to work from home until June 2021.

Investigate and ask them if they have prior experience working remotely or have worked on personal projects from home. The employee you select must have effective communication, organization, conscientiousness, and self-direction to work remotely. Lack of these qualities might cause you to micromanage tasks.

Ask questions that give you insight into the candidate’s workspace at home. Also, you can ask scenario-based questions to check on their ability to work remotely and manage time with zero slumps in productivity.


Leadership and Communication

Once you have found the right candidate, ensure seamless communication within the teams, so there will be zero lag in their work productivity. To make sure you have selected the right candidate, consider temporary hires. If the candidates meet your expectations while working from home, consider making the position permanent.

All human resources must lay the rules and goals for each employee. Managers should continue to motivate, provide feedback, coach when necessary from home. Communication is an essential key, especially when everyone is working somewhere else.


Evaluate your offer

These are difficult times for businesses and employees, so make sure your company can sustain a new employee with no cutbacks after you placed your offer. If you know that things will change after the pandemic is over, such as coming back to the office, it is best to inform your candidate about this beforehand. Company managers must also have clear plans on how to handle new hires and assess them remotely.


Let candidates know you are hiring

Most candidates are under the impression that companies have stopped the hiring process. If you are not one of these companies and are still hiring, make sure to get the word out. You can tell your existing staff to share the job post on their social media. The more shares will cause it to reach the audience or candidate you desire.

Recruitment can be stressful and especially when you require immediate hires. We are here to give you a helping hand. Our teams understand the power of the right candidate in a business. Our main goal is to find talent that will help answer business challenges and drive improvement. We select candidates from a network of resources and an outstanding talent pool to find your perfect hire. We do this in the shortest time possible, contact us today to find your suitable candidates.