Outsourcing your inbound sales services can help you improve on existing customer relationships. Being a reliable sales outsourcing company, we ensure to meet all your telemarketing requirements. Our years of experience with retail, catalog, and marketing helps us to maximize profits of campaigns, build leads, databases, and find new customers.

We are more than just an outsourcing service provider. When you partner with us, we make sure to exceed your expectations. Our recruitment process ensures that our agents meet the skill set requirements of your campaign. They identify appropriate program KPIs and perform strategically to meet desired results. We implement specific quality-control parameters to guarantee your customers have excellent sales support. Our inbound sales team knows that impulse purchasing is part of a sales call. Therefore, we successfully up-sell and cross-sell your product and services.


Product Information Request Services
  • We provide leading product information request services, information request services, and product support services. Our team of well-trained professionals educates customers about the products or services you want to sell.
Product Recall Management
  • At Invicta, we provide product recall management and support services. When manufacturers, retailers, or others need a recall action, we have the tools and talent to navigate through the process. Thus, we protect business revenue, brand, and customer loyalty.
Claims Processing Services
  • We help companies increase revenue through our claim processing service in India. Our strength lies in the commitment to accuracy and flexibility, which we integrate across our claims processing services.
Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Services
  • We handle B2B and B2C up-selling and cross-selling of products and services. We clearly understand customer communication and have established procedures for promotions. Thus, we create winning sales strategies that help increase conversions which boost revenue.
Customer Service
  • Customers are the most crucial stakeholders and finally decide a business’s success or failure. With our offshore and near-shore solutions, Invicta offers clients 24×7 outsourcing customer service so they can get their queries dealt with professionally.
Help Desk/Technical Support Service
  • Every business needs desk support for different technologies. Our technicians can resolve issues related to hardware, software, or operating systems. We use industry-leading tools and processes to ensure that your systems are running at peak efficiency.
Sales Lead Qualification
  • With our remote/offshore lead qualification services, we help our clients to transform leads into sales opportunities. Our proprietary software, coupled with data quality processing techniques and phone support, helps us reach the right buyers.
Appointment Scheduling Services
  • We provide B2B and B2C appointment scheduling services. Our team schedules appointments with important decision-makers who have shown genuine interest in your products and services.


Save Cost

By outsourcing your inbound sales, you eliminate the significant costs associated with facilities, equipment, operations, and staffing.

Industry Experts

Invicta’s executive management team has years of experience in different industries. Hence, we provide our clients with valuable insights and strategies to improve the inbound call results.

24×7 Available

We work around the clock to gain customer satisfaction. Whether you need our support full-time, after-hours, or to handle your overflow, we provide customized solutions to suit your needs.

Flexible / Scalable

Fluctuating call volume in an in-house call center can result in either wasting resources or long hold times. We quickly address and manage volume spikes that can occur during seasonal activity or during specific campaigns.

Talented Recruits

We attract the best managers and support specialists in workforce planning, quality assurance, technology support, and training.