Invicta eSolutions provides clients voice broadcasting services that help target customers through call automation. Using our call blasting service, our team manages cell phone numbers, opt-out requests, and campaigns specific to your outbound needs. We help you connect with customers by giving them the right information.

Our voice broadcast service makes it easier to send personal messages and collect responses. With our advanced technology, you can send messages to a thousand call recipients quickly. We schedule campaigns and provide a detailed log to track and monitor the calls. The high response rate helps generate more leads for your business. Our team can also target an audience based on regional languages. It can be customized anytime later on as per your requirement.


Reactivating Dormant Customer Services
  • We help you track dormant customers and convince them to take an interest in your products or services. Therefore, our team can increase revenue and fuel the growth of your business. We do this by developing various strategies such as identifying the inactive users, creating reward programs, providing discounts, incentives, and special offers.
Subscription Renewal Services
  • At Invicta, we take membership renewal sales services at a quick speed. Using the latest technology, we will help customers with their renewal before the closing date. First, our team analyzes the customer database to check for deadlines. Then, we send them reminders to renew their subscription. We also can help your customers with upgrades and add-ons, which will increase your revenue.
Customer Follow Up Services
  • We provide expert customer follow-up services and are proficient in soft-selling procedures. Our team can forge relationships with the clients by providing valuable information and rendering support.
Web Chat Support Services
  • We offer web chat support services to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Some of the services we provide include lead generation, follow up chat, technical support, telemarketing, order management, and billing support.
Toll-free Customer Support
  • Our inbound toll-free service team handles the toll-free voice broadcasting strategies of companies. As customers dial toll-free numbers, our team provides answers to their questions, presenting themselves as a seamless extension of the organization.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • We create customize surveys to verify if you deliver excellent customer experience. Our customer satisfaction surveys let you quickly assess users, discover bugs, confusing features, and help you understand issues related to check out or an upgrade.
Debt Collection
  • We handle outsourced debt collection and enhance the efficiency of businesses. Our team deals with customers in debt by creating a streamlined process and enhance the cash flow.


Cost-effective Pricing

We provide our voice broadcasting solutions at cost-effective prices, ensuring that you get the best value for money.

Quick Turnaround Time

We always deliver results with quick turnaround time, depending on your requirements.

24×7 Customer Support

Get constant live assistance from our voice broadcast experts over email, chat, and call.

Tools and Technologies

Our voice broadcasting team uses the latest tools and technologies to provide excellent quality services.

Improve ROI

Our voice broadcast services deliver higher ROI as we customize and engage each campaign.