Invicta eSolutions provides professional telesales services for companies looking to hire outsourcing support in India. Our team understands your business, current market scenario, and acts accordingly to accomplish goals. Our outbound sales service agents help you generate new leads and attract clients via brand awareness.

We have years of experience working with various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction, and so on. The sales team works on monthly targets to ensure a high ROI for your company. We learn about your targeted prospects and then deliver a customized pitch to increase conversion ratios. Our dedicated outbound sales agent model helps you to scale and meet current demands.


Customer Acquisition
  • Invicta stays ahead of your competition by understanding the needs of your customers and perform market research. We then use various marketing tactics and tailor customer acquisition campaigns accordingly.
Appointment Settings
  • We help you to schedule appointments with the decision-makers and influencers in the industry with predetermined ROI.
Lead Generation
  • Our call center agents can handle pressing customer concerns and also build sales opportunities. Our lead generation professionals follow a strategic approach and launch multichannel marketing promotions. We maintain a lead database that includes contact details of B2B leads, along with the preferred method of contact and information that is kept confidential.
Follow-up Services
  • Once the customer shows an interest in your services, we email or make phone calls to inquire about their needs. We tailor campaigns which will help them further to understand your business. Once their interest is piqued in a particular service or product, we set an appointment with the sales team.
Sales Verification
  • Our outbound sales team offers high quality, affordable verification services that can accommodate companies of various sizes. We help verify sales and provide periodical data reports about your customers.
Warm Calling
  • Our team reaches out to potential customers who have shown an interest in your services or products. Through our warm calling techniques, we covert these potential customers into actual sales.
Cold Calling
  • We can turn cold calls into actual sales. Our team educates potential customers about your services or products in the shortest time possible.
Product/Service Promotion
  • Our promotion strategies include personal and direct sales, advertising, and public relations. We formulate smart combinations of these strategies and execute successful marketing and sales plans for your business.


Cost-effective Pricing

We provide cost-effective outbound telesales services and ensure that you get the maximum value for money.

Quick Turnaround Time

We know that time is of the essence, hence we always deliver within the deadline.

Client Satisfaction

We maintain a long-term relationship with our clients as we follow a transparent business policy.

Tools and Technologies

We use a range of latest technologies and tools so that all your requirements are met.

Expert Team

Our team has experience working for major corporations and can handle all types of requests.