Invicta eSolutions offers a comprehensive suite of customer care services that help to solidify and enhance your relationship with customers. We have the knowledge, technology, and know-how to interact with your customers via any channel. Our customer service team helps you to design a customer service outsourcing strategy by identifying our primary role and the current limitations of your business.

We handle all the needs of the customers and enhance your brand value by implementing customer relationship management strategies. As the leading provider of outsourced call center solutions in India, we follow the best industry practices for monitoring, reporting, and providing feedback to grow. Our team uses the latest call center tools and technologies to deliver within the deadline without compromising on the quality.


Welcome Calls
  • We provide an outbound welcome call service that helps you create a personal relationship with your customers. Our service can improve customer loyalty, collect data, and generate sales.
  • Once the customer shows interest in your product or services, we make phone calls or email to inquire about their needs. We send tailored campaigns that will help learn them about your products and services. When they express interest in the service or product, we make an appointment with the sales team.
Telephonic auditing/ Quality Assurance
  • With our telephonic auditing service, we help you gain some real and useful insights into how to improve your customer-facing operations. We will audit the calls based on a checklist given by clients and analyze their performance.


Expert Management and Support Staff

At Invicta eSolutions, we hire experienced agents who undergo rigorous training to deliver outstanding results. We have a friendly environment in our office that has kept our agents highly motivated.

Quality Assurance

We give you daily, weekly and monthly reports in real-time in addition to quality recordings. We design training material, monitor calls, trends, and uphold the standards of your business.

24/7 Support Service

When you outsource inbound call center services to Invicta, your business can seamlessly offer customer support. We offer our 24/7 call center services and help your customer base in various parts of the world.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our practices have improved customer satisfaction rates, we set high standards when it comes to assisting your customers.

Scalable Services

Our team has the skill and resources to ramp up the services when needed. We can support high volume requests with ease when you need to scale operations.