Our market research services provide you with useful insights about your target audience, industry trends, and competitors’ strategies. We formulate an effective strategy, make informed decisions, and reach out to prospective clients. Our team uses the best industry practices, gathers and analyzes data, and creates a plan to help market your product or services.

Our market research specialists are skilled in gathering hide-to- find information from the main as well as secondary sources. We customize our research based on your goals, establish parameters so that we choose only the right data, keeping costs aligned with your budget.

Here is a list of surveys we provide in our market research services

  • Keeping the target audience and objectives in mind, we collect data using telephone surveys, e-mail surveys, and questionnaires. Once the responses have been collected, we remove unwanted information and organize the data. Our team statistically analyzes the data and represents it using formats such as PDF, HTML, XML, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Our customer satisfaction surveys allow us to evaluate your customer sentiment at a micro or macro level. By doing these surveys, we inspect the level of satisfaction and experience your customer had with your product or service. Our team gives you the survey data so you can optimize your services if needed.
  • Our team identifies your target audience based on geographic location, demographics, psychographics, and sociocultural factors. In our report, we provide the details about your market size, growth, competitor analysis to help you create effective strategies. If you are planning to launch a new product or service, we help you conduct initial screening on the target market.


Cost-effective Pricing

We provide you with valuable research information at cost-effective prices.

Quality & Reliability

At Invicta, we have an excellent quality control system that validates the data collected. The research conducted is analyzed and tailored to your requirements.

Impressive track record

We focus on developing lasting client relationships. Currently, we hold many relationships with industry-leading companies that have relied on us frequently for their research requirements.

In-depth understanding of the Market

We have the knowledge and understanding of the research needed for you to be successful. Our experts provide value-added market intelligence and research services for local and international clients.

International Research Standards

We comply with international standards for market research and adopt the latest innovations in the industry to provide a professional service.