Invicta provides IT staffing services to companies in India and the US. We have a full-fledged IT recruitment team that ensures to find dedicated resources to fill in on a permanent, contract, or on hire basis job. We first understand your business values and staffing needs. By doing this, we can then look for the candidate to fit the position.

Our IT recruitment consultants have the resources, tools, and connections to meet your specific staffing requirements. Our team motivates individuals to boost their career skills. Our IT staffing specialist help to search the market for talent, assess goals, re-write job descriptions, pre-screen, interview candidates, and conduct verification assessments.

Executive Search/ Leadership hiring
  • We provide executive search and leadership hiring using robust experience-based practices and industry know-how. Our consultants identify and engage with executive leaders who have the quality to lead. We uncover hidden talent, and assess them for the position at your company. Our search consultants establish a professional connection with these job seekers to discover their drives and personality. By getting an insight into their career goals, we offer them the position that can suit their needs as well as yours. Our consultants give you a database of both near-term and best-in-class Vice Presidents, Directors, and C-suites who match your objectives and succession plans.
Mass Recruitment/ Bulk Hiring
  • We help IT, retail, manufacturing, and telecom providers to hire a large number of employees within a short period. Our team handles all your mass recruitment needs that often swamps the internal HR departments. We first work with your HR team to prepare a profile & need assessment. After an initial screening, our recruiters speedily conduct interviews, psychological, knowledge, and skills tests.  Our team will find candidates within the deadline so that you can start with the onboarding process at the earliest.
Management Position
  • Our HR consultants understand that confidentiality is essential when you’re hiring talent at the top management level. By using market research, networking, referrals, we find the best talent in the industry for clients. Our consultants reach out to potential candidates and introduce them to the role, business direction, and the company culture. Once the candidate criteria match your business, we forward the resume and arrange for a personal interview for the management position.


Reduce Hiring Time

We reduce the time taken to hire candidates by conducting bulk evaluations and interviews.

Leverage our Network of IT Professionals

Our experts have a database of candidates and connect you to right ones depending on their experience.

24×7 Available

Our outsourcing consultants and support team are available around the clock to solve your queries.

The Right Fit

Whether it is a temporary job or a permanent one, we find talented candidates who fit your business.

Match the role

Our Consultants give you valuable insights to help you define job roles, specifications and candidate profiles.